• Pixma

    Small signs - big attention...!

    Just 24mm thick
    Strong lumination
    Easy installation
    Any font, any shape
  • Great channel letters

    All sides can be luminated
    Top quality LEDs and box
    Easy installation
  • Easy and affordable light signs

    Best price and quality light signs
    Lot's of solutions for small and big signs
    Get online advise

Led light signage - for your company

Unique, patented thin light sign letters

We offer the same variety of illuminated light sign letters like channel light sign letters, but then just 22 mm thick! You can choose for Front-ulliminated - Sides illuminated - Backside illuminated - outline illuminated.

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Channel light sign letters

Like you can aspect from a light sign company, we produce light sign letters from Profile 5 till full illuminated light sign in al shapes and illuminations. You can choose from: Front illuminated - Sides illuminated - Backside illuminated - Outline illuminated.

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Exclusive Yacht Signs and Boat Lettering

For exclusive YACHT SIGNS we use our patented system for illuminated signs on your vessel. Follow the link to the Marine Signs pages.



Unlit acrylic letters

Thin signs for outdoor and indoor use, in any size available with different materials. Flatsign is best used if it only needs attention during the day or just a budget solution wich you can iluminate with a spotlight.

Available as solid letter from 3-20 mm and as channel letter up to 150 mm thick.

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Clean Thin Signs
Best to use for smaller signs. No visible mounting. More...

Top quality LEDs
Very low powerconsumption and long lifetime. More...

Easy mounting
Complete package to mount the signs yourselve. More...

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